Latina Storytellers Series

Somos Escritoras is a space dedicated to amplifying the voices and experiences of Latina girls. Through their original art, writing and storytelling, our escritoras break intergenerational silences, create positive self-definitions, develop visions of new futures and speak up and out against the injustices present in their worlds. As a comunidad of escritoras, we continue in the legacy of the writers, poets, storytellers and performers that came before us and use their writing and art to raise the consciousness of the lived conditions of their families and communities – bringing our voices, experiences and stories from margins to center. 

To honor this legacy, we are excited to announce the launch of our Latina Storytellers series. This series will celebrate the mujeres whose work is dedicated to:

  • documenting our history
  • creating space to honor and celebrate our diverse stories
  • centering our experiences and knowledges as important theory

Their advocacy has paved the way for our escritoras, to fearlessly blaze trails and embrace the power of their voices. Check back during Women’s History Month as we honor and celebrate these fierce mujeres. 

#WomensHistoryMonth #Storytellers #Theorists #RepresentationMatters

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