Our Story

“I wish I had a place like this when I was young.”

Dr. Tracey T. Flores

Somos Escritoras was created in Tempe, Arizona by Dr. Tracey T. Flores and emerged from her dissertation study while she attended Arizona State University. She worked alongside Latinx girls (grades 6-12) and their mothers and fathers in a 6-week writing workshop.

In envisioning Somos Escritoras, she drew upon her experiences from her own adolescent years to imagine the safe space that she needed and wish she had been provided when she was younger to find her own voice and openly share and learn with her mother

The workshops invited girls and parents to explore and examine their lives and worlds through drawing, oral storytelling and writing. In this space, girls worked alongside their parents to pen stories from their lived experiences that address the stereotypes, tensions, and contradictions they face at the intersections of age, gender, race, language, and immigrant status.

“Girls expressed their desire to have a space of their own to grow and learn together.”

Dr. Tracey T. Flores

After two iterations of these workshops, girls expressed their desire to have a space of their own to grow and learn together. 

Somos Escritoras is the response to the girls voices.

The program, now based in Austin, Texas at the University of Texas at Austin, where Dr. Flores works. The program provides a creative space for Latinx girls to draw, write, share stories, connect and celebrate Latinx voices and culture.


The University of Texas at Austin
c/o Dr. Tracey Flores
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