“To learn to read is to learn to walk. To learn to write is to learn to rise.”

Jose Martí

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Our Goal

The goal of Somos Escritoras is to support Latinx girls to continue to develop their writing while learning new tools to speak their truths, define themselves, and amplify their voices within a supportive community of Latinx girls and women.

What is Somos Escritoras? / Que es Somos Escritoras?

Our Girls / Chicas

Our chicas are storytellers, writers, artists, musicians, dreamers and so much more. They come to Somos Escritoras because of their desire to make a difference in the world and join in community with other girls from neighborhoods located throughout Austin and Phoenix who share the same vision of hope and love.

Nuestra Chicas

Nuestras chicas son narradoras, escritoras, artistas, músicas, soñadoras y mucho más. Ellas vienen a Somos Escritoras por su deseo de hacer la diferencia en el mundo e integrarse en una comunidad con otras chicas de barrios localizados a lo largo de Austin y Phoenix quienes comparten la misma visión de esperanza y amor.

Our Program & Workshops

Somos Escritoras is a space in which the voices, experiences, literacies, cultures and ways of knowing of Latinx girls are central. At workshops, girls work alongside each other to craft writing and create artwork that examines and critiques the many ways to express and define themselves. Workshops take place during the summer, with additional meetings throughout the school year.

Nuestros Programas y Talleres

Somos Escritoras es un espacio en el cual las voces, experiencias, habilidades, culturas y formas de conocer jóvenes Latinas es lo central. En los talleres, las chicas trabajan unas con otras para elaborar sus escritos y crear arte que examina y critica las muchas formas de expresar y definirse a sí mismas. Los talleres se llevan a cabo durante el verano, con reuniones adicionales a lo largo del año escolar. 

Our Writing Mentors

Somos Escritoras is facilitated by a team of Latina writing mentors who are classroom teachers, undergraduate and graduate students from the local university, and community artists. All writing mentors support girls by writing and sharing alongside them in workshops and drawing on their own expertise to facilitate and develop activities.

Nuestras Mentoras de Escritura

Somos Escritoras es facilitado por un equipo de mentoras de escritura latinas que son maestras de aula, estudiantes de pregrado y posgrado de la universidad local y artistas de la comunidad. Todas las mentoras de escritura apoyan a las niñas escribiendo y compartiendo con ellas en talleres y aprovechando su propia experiencia para facilitar y desarrollar actividades.

What our girls say/ Lo que dicen las chicas

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Somos Escritoras is a space dedicated to amplifying the voices and experiences of Latina girls. Through their original art, writing and storytelling, our escritoras break intergenerational silences, create positive self-definitions, develop visions of new futures and speak up and out against the injustices present in their worlds. As a comunidad of escritoras, we continue in […]

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