Mother – Daughter Summer Program 2020

“Voyager, there are no bridges, one builds them as one walks”

Gloria Anzaldúa

Somos Escritoras: A Creative Space of Stories, Healing and Love for Latinx Mothers and Daughters

Originally, Somos Escritoras was imagined as a space for the intergenerational exchange of stories, histories and knowledges between Latinx girls and their mothers and fathers. As, I worked alongside girls and their parents, girls always asked for their own space – a space for them to learn from each other and write and share bravely.

After three summers of workshops for Latina girls, including one virtual program this past June, we are going back to our roots, to the foundation upon which Somos Escritoras was first imagined …

Our own stories and histories are deeply connected to our ancestors, those that have journeyed before us, and continue to be written and rewritten over time and space.

As we make sense of our lives, it is vital that we connect to our histories to learn from them while forging new futures alongside our elders, our mothers.

This August, we will host a Virtual Somos Escritoras workshop for Latinx mothers and daughters. Our Latinx girls program is geared towards girls in grades 6 – 8; but for this special mother-daughter program we are expanding it to include girls in high school (6-12).

Our space will be familial and communal and built upon our collective histories, stories and histories.

We will come together as Latinx mothers and daughters to use art, writing and storytelling to examine our histories and explore our futures.

This workshop is FREE & space is limited.