Summer Writing Workshop Staff


Full Name: Tracey T. Flores 

Founder & Writing Mentor

Pronouns: she/ her/ella 

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ 

Current Position: Assistant Professor at UT Austin

Hobbies: Running, Writing, Reading Children’s Literature & Young Adult Literature, Taking Pictures of Cactus, Drinking Coffee 

Why I Write: I write for my mother, my Nana Josie, for my daughter, Milagros, and for my students. I write to unearth our histories, illuminate our stories and break silences. I write to heal and to dream of a new world alongside our chicas.


Full Name: Calista Llamas 

Writing Mentor

Pronouns: she/ her/ella 

Hometown: Lockhart, TX 

Current Position: 4th grade teacher

Hobbies: Reading, shopping at Target, hiking, journaling, and traveling

Why I Write: I write for myself, my family, and my students. I write because it gives me a safe space to reflect, remember, and heal from life experiences. I write to preserve my memories, embrace who I am, and share my story so others feel encouraged to share theirs too! 


Full Name: Alethea Maldonado Cavin

Writing Mentor

Pronouns: she/ her/ella 

Hometown: Rockdale, Texas

Current Position: Secondary ESL Instructional Coach

Hobbies: Spending time and playing with my baby girl Soledad along with our 7 cats and pup dog Dude.

Why I Write: I write because the act of writing allows me to express myself fully, without hesitation or filter. I write to reflect–to just put my thinking on the page. I think it is powerful to document our thoughts, expressions, and wonderings because in writing we preserve our voice.


Full Name: Kathryn D. Rosa

Writing Mentor

Pronouns: she/her/ella 

Hometown: Mission, TX

Current Position: First-Year Teacher

Hobbies: Reading, Painting, Watching new shows and movies, 

Why I Write: I write for myself and my family, for my students, and for all the people who struggle to find their own voice. I write with the intention of sharing stories, learning, and growing. 


Full Name: Yaikira Vazquez Rivera

Writing Mentor

Pronouns: she/ her/ella 

Hometown: San German, PR

Current Position: Elementary Bilingual Teacher

Hobbies: Kpop, going Concerts, eating my way through Austin

Why I Write: I write for my ancestors, my family, my language, pais. I wrote for them so they can be seen and heard in all spaces. I write for my students so they can flourish into young people who say what they want with their entire heart. 


Full Name: Cristina Puente

Writing Mentor 

Pronouns: she/ her/ella 

Hometown: Austin, TX 

Current Position: 3rd Grade DL Teacher in AISD

Hobbies: Reading everything and anything, dancing, spending time with friends & family, going to music festivals & concerts!

Why I Write: I write to tell my story and inspire others. I write to bring awareness and advocate. I write because that is where I can find myself being the most comfortable. I write for my grandma, who was my first teacher and taught me the importance of expressing ourselves through our words. I write because I can.


Full Name: Nina M. Porter 

Writing Mentor

Pronouns: she/ her/ella 

Hometown: Austin, TX 

Current Position: Upcoming Senior at UT Austin

Hobbies: Drawing, spending time with my sisters, writing, reading, and drinking coffee 

Why I Write: I write for the women in my familia. My sisters, my mother, my grandma, my tías and primas. Sharing our family stories and experiences growing up. I write for my students. To connect their stories and my own. I also write for myself. To bring joy into my life and work. 


Full Name: Stephanie M. Flores

Multimedia Marketing Manager & Designer

Pronouns: She/Her/Ella 

Current Position: Digital Marketing Manager & Designer, Somos Escritoras

Years with our Somos: 2015 – Present

What I bring to the space:

I bring to the space my experience as a filmmaker, blogger, and designer, along with my knowledge of Improv, acting, and storytelling.