Scholar Stories: Alicia Arce Boardman

How do you use writing or art in your life?

Writing for me has been a way to express myself when I am hesitant to speak up. It has helped me gain the strength and voice I need as a woman, mother, daughter and educator. My goal is to pass on the love of writing to my daughters so that they learn to use their voice, not just in their writing.

What lessons/teachings from your family, home and/or community do you draw on in your teaching and/or scholarship?

My family extended beyond my immediate family. We grew up surrounded by tias, tios and primos My sisters and I had the privilege of learning from all our Tias and Tios, and that is something we wanted to pass on to our own children. Bringing this idea of community and relationships into the classroom, has helped build a family mentality and sense of community.  The children in my classroom are all family, and we all learn and grow together as a family does.

What would you tell your younger self?

I would tell her “no tengas miedo de usar tu voz”.  Do not be afraid to use your voice.

Advice for new scholars and/or teachers:

My advice to new scholars and teachers is to remember that everyone has a story to tell.  Make sure you create a space, where everyone can share their stories.

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