Scholar Stories: Luz Alvarez Sims

How do you use writing or art in your life?

Writing helps me process my thoughts and feelings when I have trouble processing them out loud. It serves as an avenue to make sense of the world around me and the emotions and thoughts within me.

What lessons/teachings from your family, home and/or community do you draw on in your teaching and/or scholarship?

My family has instilled in me the importance of perseverance (¡echale ganas!), integrity (¡ser impecable con tus palabras!), and excellence (¡hazlo mejor que ayer!). They taught me to work hard and fight for my dreams. They always challenged me to be the best version of myself and to strive to make a positive impact as a way of honoring them and all of my ancestors before them. These are all lessons that I try to bring in to the classroom as we work together to remember our past and pave the way toward the future.

What would you tell your younger self?

Speak up! Your voice, ideas, and experiences are just as valuable as anyone else’s in the room.

Advice for new scholars and/or teachers: 

Building relationships with students, families, colegas y comunidad is so important in your work as an educator. Surround yourself with like-minded educators that will stimulate your growth as a professional and never stop learning. 

Something else you want to share?

I’m so thankful for the guidance and love that has been shared by my familia, mis amigos y mis colegas on my journey. I would not be who I am without them!

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