Scholar Stories: Dra. Laura Chávez-Moreno

My name is Dra. Laura Chávez-Moreno, Postdoctoral Scholar, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, University of California Los Angeles. In 2021, I’ll transition to Assistant Professor in UCLA’s César E. Chávez Department of Chicana Chicano Studies.

How do you use writing or art in your life?

I use writing as a creative and intellectual release of ideas. I love writing and thinking about the reader, and whether the words I’ve chosen, the style, the structure, tone, and so forth, communicate my message. I enjoy the challenge of playing with sentences, rewriting to see which one works best. When I feel as though I’ve reached a sticking point, I read, which I love to do. Reading always helps me rethink my ideas and start writing again.  So for me, the writing process is very intellectually satisfying.

What lessons/teachings from your family, home and/or community do you draw on in your teaching and/or scholarship?

Recently, I’ve been drawing a lot from mindfulness practices. I like practicing being present with myself and with others. 

What would you tell your younger self?

To read and write more.

Advice for new scholars and/or teachers

Be kind to yourself. Seek others to learn from but don’t compare yourself to others. Your path will be different.

Something else you want to share?

I remember one of my professors from my U Michigan Masters program suggested we don’t stop reading fiction or other genres we enjoy even though we have so much academic works to read. I’ve taken her advice and try to always have a book I want to read for my enjoyment on my nightstand. Currently, I’ve been reading books by Octavia Butler and love, love, love them. I’ve read six so far and can’t get enough.

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